For the love of a good drink

The variety available in Supermarket Beverage Sections in Europe, in China, in Thailand, in US.

The taste of the drinks at some of our favorite bars and food joints

The still-too-high rates of fresh-produce wastage in India due to lack of processing

The lack of innovation from Cola Majors

The massive growth in food service and delivery industry.


There's a bunch of reasons we could use. But well, 

Let's just say we love making great tasting drinks

Let's admit, life, as usual, could be boring

Let's say cheers to being unusual, stepping out of comfort zone, adding a touch of color and flavor to life. 

Let's #Unbore

Who We Are

The People 

We're a team of IIT IIM grads yada yada yada...


To put it differently - foodies, drinkies (we just made that up) wanderers, dads, bartenders, mixologists, singers, suckers for novelty and taste. Easily bored millennials.

Over the last 1.5 years of figuring out what drinks we want to do, we've made friends with the best of flavor houses, fruit pulp and concentrate suppliers, manufacturers and just about everyone it took to bring a great drink in a bottle.