We are drinkies.

We wished the best drinks we've tasted anywhere to be with us everywhere. So we hunted for recipes, gathered juices, flavors, aromas and brought our favorite drinks 




We've curated and blended a range of interesting drinks, that you might find in the menu of a fancy cafe or a bar. When great pizzas can come home, why can't great drinks! 


Presenting our first range of 8 flavors from Bubblegum Mojito to Imli Masala Soda, with classics like Sparkling Citrus Blue and Green Apple Fizz

The Drinkies

Travelers, Foodies, Mixologists, Flavor Guys, Hunter-Gatherers for juices, aromas, spices, flavors...


People brought together for the love of a good drink


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Mixology 101
Bar Comes Home

Whether You're hosting a child's b'day party or a friends reunion - great drinks and great stories make for great parties. 


You get the stories, we'll cover the drinks